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Category : Autogate Systems
Country : Singapore

Auto Gates Singapore – Automatic Gates, such as sliding or swing auto gates provide convenience and security to any property or facility. It is very important that a Gate System is designed with safety in mind, as the automatic gate is only one component of the total gate operating system.

Each component must work in unison to provide the end user with convenience, security and safety.

We offer the following Auto Gate Systems:

FAAC Motor – 400 Auto Swing Gates Motor
FAAC Motor – 746ER Auto Sliding Gate Motor
FAAC Motor – 844ER Auto Sliding Gate Motor
FAAC Motor – 884ER Auto Sliding Gate Motor
FAAC400 – Auto Swing Gate Motor
FAAC415 – Auto Swing Gate motor
FAACS800H – Hydraulic Swing Auto Gate motor
Good 1 Swing Auto Gate Motor
Swing And Sliding Auto Gate
We carry other range of Auto Gates Systems which is

Dormer Range
NICE Auto Gate
RIB, Italy Auto Gate
Signal Auto Gate
TAU Auto Gate


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