Lush Furniture

About Lush Furniture
Category : Furniture
Country : Singapore

LUSH is borne out of the mission to provide Contemporary style furniture and styling ideas to house-proud house owners looking for great style and design.

At our sprawling studio, let our stylists and designer pieces wow you with the latest home styling ideas. Inspire your senses while you enjoy the designer furniture amidst acid jazz music in the background. New design ideas will be introduced periodically to incorporate and introduce new design direction. Lush is not just a furniture store, it is a styling house backed by in-house stylists, which will provide professional advice.

Lush also offer customization of furniture pieces, with a wide range of fabric/leather / marble/glass / stainless steel for your selection. You may provide your ideal designs and we fabricate to meet your needs.

Our main message to our consumers is to convey a modern, stylish and easy to navigate website and brand


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